Senior Capstone - CS 458

Everything you’ve learned inside and outside the classroom comes together your senior year with the senior capstone project within CS 458 - Software Engineering.

In CS 458 - Software Engineering, you’ll apply theory, research, and field work to real-world problems in a collaborative setting.

Example capstone projects

(Most of the projects below were done in CS 458 - Software Engineering), a web application that allows users to develop ideas for nonprofits, events, or businesses.

Therapy Exercise Builder, a website that was created to allow physical and occupational therapists, as well as other users, to build personalized workout routines with ease.

Six Rivers National Forest Map, a website to allow National Forest Service staff and the general public to stay knowledgeable on current trail conditions for planning and maintenance purposes.

ResNet HelpDesk Ticket System, a ticket system for campus residence that allows technicians to easily interact with users that have submitted help tickets.

Scavenger Hunt, a mobile app for Representing Realities, the Computer Science Place Based Learning Communities.

Advanced Management Protection Application (AMPA) for Humboldt County, an application that provides Humboldt County with a ranking tool that allows the Division of Environmental Health Inspectors to enter information regarding a septic system so they can receive real time feedback of its condition.